Spiral Collages

June 21st, 2013 by Mr Gallant

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Abigail’s 100wc

June 20th, 2013 by abigailn

Zuri Ross was an amazing explorer. She would always swing on vines and survive dangerous missions. The bad thing was she was my sister. On the 20th of June 2013 she was called to come into work her boss said “Zuri you have to go to mount breaker so you can discover the golden globe but, you have to hurry because, the USA team are heading north to take the globe so the can power their electricity. So she got teleported

But she had to run because; the USA team was 4 miles behind. Later that day she found the globe. The light was so bright.

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Daniaal’s 100 word challenge

June 20th, 2013 by Daniaal

Thursday 20th June 2013 finals Pakistan versus India, The captain of Pakistan won the toss and decided to bat first, the first few overs past and nothing scored due to the heat, the light was so bright that even if you put earth as the 1st planet it won’t match the same amount of light. In England you would say rain stopped play but here in Pakistan heat stopped play over 20 times. We have been commentating for 10 hours now…-oh! Brilliant four, and a six…1 run needed on the last ball for India – beauty shot, oh! But caught in the deep. And Pakistan celebrates!!!!!!!!!!!!

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taia 100 word challenge the light was so bright

June 20th, 2013 by Taia

one day Aisha, Candice, Albin, Ayman and I were all out at the park on a hot summers day but around 1:30 pm it got really hot and the sun light was so bright that we had to run to our nearest friends house because some people thought that it was just the sun light so they stayed out and after 30min they were blinded by the brightness. Albin’s house was the closest to the park so we went to his house we all had to call our parents to say that we will have to stay here because we couldn’t go out in the sun light so we stayed.

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100Wc By Albin

June 20th, 2013 by Albin

…..The light was so bright it looked like a portal to heaven, my friend and I were amazed. The lightest light ever been seen. We explored around it, there was nothing to be seen. We were baffled. We looked around the area but no one was there to help, so we decided to go in the portal, “wait” should we go in, remember all those nice things there are in london, then they thought, will we return ? is it heaven or the sun? Then they prayed that they will return safley . They jumped in then all of a sudden a shadow appeared, who is it ?….

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Ayman’s 100wc

June 20th, 2013 by Ayman

Once I was in a dark forest in America, I found an interesting creature and it is an unusual creature… it looked in my eyes and I looked at it, it didn’t have a face and it was tall and black I was so scared he teleported other side of the path I was extremely scared. I ran as I can, then I came out and the light was so bright that I couldn’t see and then it went. I took a picture of it before I left. And I showed it to people they said it was some killer in forests called slender man!!!

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The Light Was So Bright 100WC By Gerry

June 20th, 2013 by Gerry

Thomas Spud was an explorer. He enjoyed climbing through in the caves and the tricky journey up a mountain, just to see the view. He saw it. The light was so blinding he wanted to gouge his eyes out.


On Friday, he tackled his biggest challenge yet: Mount Storm Breaker. 1,000,010 Kilometers of pure terror.


Fear and anxiety, all sped through his mind as he faced Mount Storm Breaker. Butterflies destroyed his stomach as he challenged the first part of his expedition.


110 KM left.


Nothing but excitement filled his mind.


10 Km left.


Thrill entered his mind.







He made it!



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100wc 35

June 20th, 2013 by Ronin

Suddenly I turned to a light. The light was so bright and was like this. but really bright nearly brighter than the sun but it was the newest light bulb in the world it was high tech. That’s epic and cool and amazing and out of stock… great. Oh never mind I’ll get one somewhere else but where? Hmmm ah maybe in tech world it’s a new shop. We’re going to it tomorrow so I need to go early so it’s in stock. Anyway I can’t wait! Yes!!! I got one its amazing wooohoo!!! Thanks for listening



By Ronin

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Save the Earth!!!!!

June 20th, 2013 by Candice

All the Astronauts were sent at 2:00am in the morning to space to try and block this sticky substance of slime covering the Sun from the Godess Alien that is trying to take over the universe! The light was so bright around 800 people have died in the morning due to the rise of globe warming. If NASA doesn’t come up with a plan in space to save earth then in the next 24hours this universe we live in may no longer exist! At 3:30am we succeeded because the British space agency used a Turbo Jet to suck the slime and have thrown it on Mars.

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michaela 100 word challenge the light was so bright

June 20th, 2013 by Michaela

There once were three children who were best friends. They once met each other after school the light was so bright that it was hotter than the sun so they decided to buy a ice cream because it was so hot and bright that it nearly blinded them so they ran to buy three ice creams when they buy them they found out the it was melting so they quickly ate it and got brain freeze and also had to buy a drink as well as an ice cream they decided to buy a slush puppy to drink and they lived happy ever after .

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